About Me

Hello World,
My name is Avishay and I’m and indie game developer.

I entered the world of game making back in 2012 and been crafting my skills since then.

In 2013 I started working as a developer on a 3 years project for S.E.S (Scientific Educational Systems), creating over 80 activities and games for an educational program – K-Fist.
S.E.S – K-First

1/5/15 – Bad Pad is born.

On may 2015 I started working on Bad Pad, this will be my first big indie solo project, I will be working on this project on my free time as much as I can, if all goes well it should be ready by the end of 2017, but I am not making any promises, what I can promise is that I will update this blog regularly with my progress or lack of progress πŸ˜‰

In 2015-2016 I was also working on another project called ZuzTV, ZuzTV is a children’s media portal with original content, video stories and songs, drawings and activities, games and designing apps.
I made all the in house games and designing apps and I was also in charge of building the website.

On December 2016 I released my first official android game to google store, Bad Run, as a part of the Bad Pad saga.
Bad Run is now being upgraded into Bad Run – Turbo Edition.
Read more about Bad Run – Turbo Edition, here!

On January 2017 Bad Pad hit Steam Early Access after successfully going through Steam Greenlight.

More of my games can be found HERE.

Some of the projects I worked on in 2017-2018:

Building a WordPress site, php templates and javascript coding
Celltick – Start Magazine – Developer website

Building an angular 1 website and services

WordPress template updates and fixes, javascript refactoring and fixes
So Yummy

And last but not least, a wordpress website I built to showcase Israeli Indie Games
Indie Games Israel