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Devblog Part #31 – Bad Fall, If Bad Pad had a baby.

Bad Fall is the first in a series of three mini-games we are creating as part of the Bad Pad family and as an extra promotion tool.

The mini-games are based on parts of the core mechanics from Bad Pad with extra features added to make them stand as a game on their on, also the control scheme is slightly simpler and there is touch support so you can play it on your mobile/tablet too!

Try it now!


We also pushed a new version of Bad Pad!

Whats new:

New animations added:
Wall sliding
Idle – Rope jumping
Burned in air

I’ve implement the new UI face code animations, instead of frame by frame animations, we made it with body parts and code animations so we can match all the character states and add some randomness and variations without having too many frames, there are about 10 states implemented so far.

Some changes to floor 1 level design.

I wrote a new music track and started recording, samples coming soon!

We’re working on a new map for the game, check it out in the demo!

Devblog Part #30 – HOT stuff!!!

A quick but very cool update, we got some new animations and features implemented!

We got animations for swimming, pushing crates, performing bash dive and one idle butt scratching 🙂

There’s a new fire burner obstacle and a new burned to ashes animation that goes with it.

Lastly there is a new character upgrade for diving, the animation for it is just something I put together, we haven’t worked on it yet.

Devblog Part #29 – New Website is up!

We’ll start with a little media coverage, check out an article on Bad Pad in the Israeli gaming site VGC

We got a new domain for the game, I made a neat little teaser with some coded animation check it out!

The demo was also updated, here are some of the new stuff.

I’ve done some work on the main menu, added some parallax scrolling and combined run/jump keyboard/gamepad buttons mapping into one setting.

Note, the graphics are still temporary.

We’ve worked on the in game UI, it has all the previous features plus we’re now showing a face closeup of the character, currently it’s just playing some frame by frame animations, but we’re going to break it down to face parts and create some runtime coded animations with lots of variations and randomness, should be cool.
The UI face will be synced to the different states the character is in and we’ll most likely throw in a few funny expression to break the tension, the possibilities are endless.

Devblog Part #28 – New Character Design and music.

Here are some of things we’ve been working on the past week.

We have a new main character design, check him out!


In the game I added a little randomness to the blinking part of the idle animation so it’ll feel less looped.

Also I’ve implemented an idle state, where you’re being followed by a fly, which will be slapped automatically once it hits you, you can see it in the video below (slap animation is temporary).

I’ve also written and recorded a sketch tune for the map layout, listen to it in the video below.

You will also notice that I added more info to the map layout, these are not fully designed yet, the plan is to show the total game playing time and the best time for each level, show how many levers there are in each levels and how many you’ve already switched on, I might also show the total amount and remaining amount of coins for each level.

Besides that I’ve worked some more on the levels design and decor and fixed some game logic and gamepad controls issues.

Try Bad Pad playable alpha!

And don’t forget to vote for Bad Pad on Greenlight!

Devblog Part #27 – Hey what’s going on

The past couple of weeks have been a little slow with the game production since I had to direct my attention to other matters, the first one was getting a Steam Greenlight page, with some updated screen shots, game information and of course a new trailer, which was also quite some work, here it is, check it out!

So once I got everything done I needed to start reaching out to the media for coverage and gamers for votes, I’ve done some extensive online research and sent a press release to a decent amount of gaming magazines, mostly indie, posted on related forums and social groups and also reached out to some youtubers, but there is still a lot to do and people to contact.

So far we got 343 yes votes on steam, we need around 1000 to even be considered (though I’ve heard of cases where games got greenlit with less), all and all our rank is growing, daily, but slow, hopefully once some of the coverage goes live we’ll get more traffic and votes.

Here are a couple of guys trying the demo.

Today, Feb 18, Gamescroller will run a live stream of the demo on his twitch page, streaming starts around 18:30 (GMT) drop by!

Here’s the stream if you missed it!

Join us tomorrow, the 19th, 19:00 (GMT) for another stream!
Watch live video from Gamescroller on

We did add some new graphics and I worked on some of the levels, but nothing worth mentioning, although one thing that is worth mentioning is that I started working on the 2nd floor boss level, this one will take place underwater, here is a preview of what’s done so far, note – submarine and evil-X ship are not designed yet.

Devblog part #25 – Bad Pad – Demo – Level 4 released!

Heads up, Bad pad level 4 is up!

Here some of the cool new things in level 4.

End of the level boss fight scene

And a mini arcade game, which will eventually lead to the next floor.
You will need to collect at least 20 coins to play the arcade, so keep an eye out!

There are lots of new graphics in level 4 and some previous levels were updated too.
I didn’t post about it but last week I released level 3, there are some cool stuff in that level too, like a bonus carting level where you can pick up some extra coins

And some swimming areas

And the boss fight from level 2

We are very close to getting a neat beta version done, once we do, I will make some new screen shots and a new promo video, then open up a Steam Greenlight page and start spreading it around, we would really appreciate your support by voting us up, once the page is online.

Play the new Bad Pad demo!

Devblog part #24 – Bad Pad – Demo – Level 2 released!

Good news, Level 2 is now available for play, click here to play it!

This one has a little boss level at the end, the graphics for X ship and cannons are not done yet, so it might look a little off from the rest of the game.

If you previously played and finished the first level and did not click on start a new game, you can click on continue and go through the new door that will take you straight to level 2.

There were some minor updates in level 1, plus there are some new graphics, next level will be released on the 21.1.2016, stay tuned!

Here is another treat for you, I’ve just received this new promo image from the guys at the studio, it will probably go through some more changes, but I really love how it turned out, kudos to Oray Studios!

bad pad promo 2

Devblog part #23 – New episodic demo released

Play Bad Pad – Demo – Floor 1 – Levels 1 – 4
Open game in a new window/tab

This is the first out of 4 parts demo I will be releasing during the next month, each one with another playable level of the game and some more new graphics, next release 14.1.2016, stay tuned.

Note, not all graphics are final!
Also music and sound effects are temporarily.

Let me know what you think, you can comment on this page or email me privately using the contact form, if you require an answer please write down your email address.

So what am I interested in knowing?
What are your general thoughts of the game?
How do you like the gameplay and controls?
How did you like the graphics and visuals?
How long did it took you to get the hang of things and flow with the gameplay?
Did you find any bugs?

Send me an E-Mail or use the form below to contact me.