Devblog part #19 – It’s been a long time since I blogged and coded …and a new game for all

It has been a long time, too long probably, here’s what you missed,

Lets start with a new game I made recently and it’s available for free on google play store and online as of today, it’s another causal one touch game, check it out!
Blaster Boy – play for FREE

Now back to Bad Pad, About 2 months ago one of my main HD failed completely, unfortunately most of my personal projects were on it and some were not backed up at any point at all, that includes Bad Pad.

I just recently started freeing some time to get back to work on my personal projects, one of them is “Blaster Boy”, which I posted above and I also started working on Bad Pad again from scratch, I got pretty far and there are also some new stuff, but still, I am not at the point I was before, so I am not going to upload a new version for now.

So, enjoy the new game and stay tuned for more updates on Bad Pad soon!

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