Devblog part #20 – Whole Lotta Code

The new version of Bad Pad has taken a little twist in the level design department, I’ve decided to connect a bunch of layouts together to make one bigger level, while still keeping each layout small/mid size.
Each level will have 6-8 scenes, each world will have 3-4 levels and there will eventually be 4 worlds, but for now I am focusing on world #1.
I’ve got most of level 1 and about a third of level 2 done, 12 scenes in total, but not all completed.
I also made some changes added a few new things to the game,

1. Lights now comes in different colors.

2. Fans behavior changes, I played more with the gravity to give it a more bouncy effect.

3. New shadow system, applied on some platforms and obstacles.

4. New fish enemy, it swims straight till it hits a wall than it flips, if the player is closer than 200 pixels the fish will swim in his direction.

And here is a little playthrough of level 1, once I’ll finish designing and building levels 1-2 I will upload a new build to the site.

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