Devblog part #21 – Some new game features.

As I mentioned in my previous post, while keeping the game mostly a platformer I decided to add some adventure-like features to the game.

Basic Inventory

A pretty common feature for an adventure game.
Inventory is used to keep items you pickup along the way, so they can later be used elsewhere and help you advance in the game.

While in all traditional adventure game the inventory does not have a maximum item limit, I decided to simplify and limit it to 1 item at a time, picking up a new item will drop the previous one.
This will keep the game and interactions more flowing and will not require any additional button/keys pressed to pickup, select or use an item.

So, there are a few types of items I am planning on but the list is not done yet, for now here is one of the items, that is more of a tool, a torch, pick it up to light up dark places (see video at the bottom).

Object and scene manipulation

Another addition to game is push-able crates and floor weight-triggers.
The floor triggers are used to open up gates for now, but they can be assigned to do other things.
The crate in this instance is used to active the floor trigger to keep the gate opened.

Level Design – Progress
World 1

Level 1 – 6 scenes done – completed
Level 2 – 3 scenes done – in progress
Level 3 – 5 scenes done – in progress
Level 4 – 0 scenes done – not start yet

Once I’ll get all 4 levels done I will upload a new version to the site, stay tuned.

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