Devblog part #3 – Interaction with the scene – Obstacles… and some more platforms.

Here are some of the obstacles and a few more types of platforms I have set up for now:

1. Spikes – fixed place.

2. Rotating spikes – comes in many sizes, can be fixed in place or moving in a sine, on this one I added a nice little little feature, I have 8 image points defined, one for each spike and on collision i pick the closest one to the player and pin him to it, pretty straightforward but cool nonetheless.

3. Metal weights – hanging from a chain and rotating, on collision I throw the player to the other direction to simulate impact.

4. Flying Bee-Bats, can fly in any direction, but usually in preset sine movement.

5. Following enemies – they will follow you if you get close enough.

6. Teleporters.

7. Fans – player can use the UP/DOWN buttons for extra control while diving.

8. Gates and Levers.

9. Electric lines – functions like a jump/fall through platform with an electric current running up and down it.

10. Conveyor belt – standing on this platform will push the player left or right in a predefined speed.

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