Play with food

Play with food by Eden Rave
Links: Free download on itch.io
Release Date: 27 Mar, 2018



Play as a schnitzel and escape from a kitchen full of dangers.

This is a pc game I created for STUDIES PURPOSES ONLY as a graphic design student.

This game contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing. Viewer discretion advised.

Play With Food brings you the story of a tiny schnitzel in a shape of a deer, which comes back to life just before it’s about to be eaten. Lonely, Confused and without any memory of it’s past, it decides to go on a journey after its identity in a kitchen full of dangers.


Moduwar by Biohex Games
Links: Facebook | Twitter | Mailing List
Release Date: TBA



Moduwar is an RTS game about modular creatures living in a water world.

The player starts with a single creature that can grow by adding body tiles and placing organs on top of them (Such as Mouths, Turrets, Acid Glands and more).
In addition, the player can split its creature into small units that he controls separately, each with its own abilities.
The player can also re-connect units and combine different organs.
The game will have 3 modes with different goals: Campaign, Survival and Multiplayer.

The game’s demo is soon to be ready!


NeonBall by Retrom
Links: NewGrounds
Release Date: 30 Aug, 2013


NeonBall is a puzzle-arcade game that takes you to the near future, where energy resources are rare, and the only place humanity can find energy and avoid living in the darkness – is in the glorious Neon-City.
It was decided that no man can use energy without proving his worth, for there is no power that can be handled without care.

For that – a test was invented by the E.N.R – Energy National Resources.
That test, was NeonBall.

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