Evil Pen did it again!
He zapped our beloved hero, Square, with his new and powerful evil machine, The Run-O-Matic 2000.

And though our hero is bound to a never ending run, he is determined and strong in will and he literally won't rest until he stops Evil Pen... again.

Join Square’s epic adventure, run, jump, dive, fly and shoot your way through, but most importantly stop Evil Pen's evil plans!

It's up to you, are you ready?

Bad Run is a spin-off of Bad Pad, featuring a casual action packed, auto-runner, metroidvania platformer.
Turbo Edition Features:
• Procedurally generated mission levels - game world expands with each level.
• Predesigned castle levels to explore metroidvania style.
• Endless mode and challenges, master your skills and get extra bonus coins!
• Use your coins to upgrade your character and buy new items in the store.
• Prize cards, daily rewards and lots of achievements with coin rewards.
• Remastered graphics.

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