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May 10, 2015

Oray Studios
Based in Indonesia

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Headbang Games and Oray Studios are joining forces for the third time on Avishay Mizrav’s new game, Becloudead, a story driven, hack and slash cinematic platformer, set in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by a zombie virus.

Becloudead is a horror story, bloody, creepy and atmospheric - not intended for childrens.
The story takes place in Australia, 2062 and is set in a 24 hour time frame across four acts.
You are Ben Campbell, a former head of security of a private marine research company, now a survivor.

Unravel the truth behind the zombie apocalypse as you venture deep into the bloody and gruesome narrative of Becloudead.

The game world and level design in Becloudead are tailored around the story, featuring unique designs and locations to explore.
Becloudead features pixel art hand traced rotoscoped character animations, detailed layered backgrounds and foregrounds, using parallax to give the scenes more 3D depth with a 2D design.

Becloudead features full screen frame by frame hand drawn and rotoscoped cutscenes.


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