Bad Pad – Changes log

Changes from version 1.0 to Current version 1.5

New Features and Enhancement:

  1. The self jamming levels – The music in these levels are not pre-recorded, but generated with samples in real-time and influenced by the objects that are on the screen. The level moves with the beat.
    For a more detailed read, check out these blog posts:

    Devblog Part #45 – The self Jamming level.

    Devblog Part #46 – The self Jamming level PT2.

  2. Added rumble support for Dualshock 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One gamepads. We’ve implemented customized vibrations throughout the game, including all mini games and cut-scenes.
    Other than it being cool and how it certainly adds to the immersion, we also added some pre-warning vibrations when danger is approaching, or when a boss is preforming a special powerful attack.
  3. Jetpack – We added a few treats for all you completionists out there! If you collect all 150 coins (game difficulty doesn’t matter), you can return to Pen’s computer and get a fuel-free jetpack.
    There are additional coins to collect in act 4, required for getting the jetpack.
    Other than flying being fun and all, you can use the jetpack to find a hidden ability that will help you locate all the hidden collectibles areas, by beeping louder and louder as you get closer to one.
    We won’t tell you where the ability is hidden, but we will give you this hint: Look at the map for open roof areas.
    You can toggle the Jetpack on and off by pressing the RUN button, you can only do so when you’re mid-air.
    Hold down the jump button while the jetpack is activated to fly up at doubled speed.
  4. Another treat for completionists – cheat mode!
    Added a new trophy room (access from beginning of act 1 and act 4), use the consoles here to deposit your collectables.

    Deposit all 18 collectables and you will enable cheat mode, cheats will be available when starting a new game as well.

    There are 10 normal cheats:
    1. Refill power.
    2. Set item Key.
    3. Set item Bomb.
    4. Set item Magnet Gloves.
    5. Add a coin.
    6. Open nearest closed gate.
    7. Get Scuba Gear.
    8. Get Glow Ability / Add +5 glow time.
    9. Get Drop Bash Ability.
    10. Get Dive Ability.

    And 2 special cheats:
    1. Enable/Disable Black and White Mode – Makes the game black and white.
    2. Enable/Disable God Mode – Makes you invulnerable.

    To use the cheats, first go into the in-game menu, now you need to enter a combination of 5 directions with your keyboard or gamepad.

    Here’s one cheat code for you, to enable/disable Black and White mode enter:
    Left Right Down Right Up

    The other 11 combinations you will have to figure out on you own, but we’ll give you this hint, all combinations starts with the ‘Left’ direction.

  5. Test your arcading skills! – Depositing all 18 collectables will also open up the arcades area at the end of the hall.
    In the arcades hall you can replay all 3 mini arcades in a new endless game mode with increasing difficulty.
  6. A new secret special coin is hidden in act 4 , collect it and it will reveal all 150 coin locations on the map (only the ones you didn’t pick up yet).
  7. Added teleporters to make it easier to back-track and get from level to level.
    The teleporters works in sets of twos, the first one you’ll come across in the level won’t be active, once you’ll find and use the second one you’ll be able to teleport back and forth between them.
    In most of the levels there is just one set of teleporters close to the main exits, on some bigger levels that are lacking in shortcuts there are more.
    This for the most part won’t actually cut down any gameplay time in the first run through.
    It was intended to make it easier and faster to back-track once you finished the level.
    P.S. The teleporters are also marked on the map.
  8. Brand new submarine levels – These levels were originally spawned randomly and they were just not that exciting to play.
    Now they are pre-designed with branching paths and additional types of obstacles and challenges to overcome.
    Changing the levels layout required us to redo the camera, controls and movement of the submarine, but we made it feel exactly the same as before.
  9. Arcades mini games – Blue enemy ship that drops powerups, shot it and collect a shield, x2 fire rate, triple shot or a special power bomb, this bomb will grow stronger each time you lose the arcade to give you an extra edge the next time around. (powerups types varies with each mini game)
  10. Camera control – You can now move the camera to look up or down, this only works when you are standing still on solid ground.
  11. TZ Gameworld levels – Added life system, 1 hit on hard, 2 on medium, 3 on easy.
  12. TZ Gameworld levels – Traingle spikes will now fly in a preset route instead of randomly bouncing around.
  13. Optimized T.Z Gameworld levels difficulty on easy mode.
  14. Piranhas menace #1 – The total amount of piranhas in the Water Tower level was reduced.
  15. Piranhas menace #2 – Piranhas were removed from underwater section in left bottom chamber of the Water Tower, added a new horizontal floating room challenge instead.
  16. Piranhas menace #3 – All water sections from scene 418 (below the fire tower) were replaced with new vertical floating room challenge.
  17. Mute the map music, this option is only available from within the map screen and is saved per save slot.
  18. Drop Bash dust cloud – Drop bashing will now create a wide dust cloud, this will make it easier to understand the impact bounds of the bash when using it to kill/suspend enemies.
  19. Added new breakable stone type, requires 3 bashes to break.
  20. Scenes 324,348,415,432,444 were turned into dark scenes with extra glow charging spots.
  21. Ants can now be killed with drop bash.
  22. Bumping into an open door will now spawn an UP arrow key indicator.
  23. Added built-in bug reporting service.
  24. Fixed incorrect camera scale in the last battle.
  25. Added new vertical floating room challenge to scene 444.
  26. Non-following probes will now move in a preset pattern and not bounce off walls randomly.
  27. Added more breakable planks throughout the game.
  28. Skeleton recover time now vary with difficulty level + random delay.
  29. Removed flying probes form dark scene in act 3 level 3.1.
  30. Hard mode difficulty optimizations on act 4.
  31. Added auto-save at the start of the push-up water level in the water tower.
  32. Gravity switches puzzle – Locking switches once the door is fully opened.
  33. Submarine boss will now track you with his gun even if you move behind it.
  34. More layers of decoration in act 1 and act 2.
  35. Additional decoration to the underwater section in scene457.
  36. Blood Off Mode – Dying animation without blood drops.
  37. Shooting Sawblades – Added visual spawner to make it easier to detect where they are shooting from.
  38. Added particles effects to following enemies death when blood is turned off.
  39. Changed behavior for when player is dead and attached to a sawblade then hitting a wall and blood is turned off.
  40. Some doors were placed without a wall behind them in the same parallax layer, which looked a bit weird.
  41. Added company logos intros to loading screen.
  42. Additional code optimizations.
  43. Added Indonesian translations.
  44. Added Brazilian Portuguese translations.
  45. Added auto-language select for Steam users, language is auto-selected once when you first run the game.
  46. Configure Controls – Added reset mapping to default option.
  47. NW.js and Greenworks versions were updated.

Bugs Fixed:

  1. Autorun mode did not work with gamepad.
  2. Camera bug when going into Pen’s gameworld.
  3. Train levels – Exiting the layout on the right edge and dying from damage at the same time caused an invulnerability glitch
  4. Visiting the Map screen after using a teleport, did not save the player’s position on the scene.
  5. Random Idle animations and fly hitting animation did not trigger when standing on a moving platform.
  6. Magnet gloves – When sliding on the left side of the magnet the player got caught in a loop between the sliding and gloves animation, you could easily jump out of it, but now it’s fixed.
  7. Square’s UI was not hiding when returning to arcades/gameworld levels from menu.
  8. There were suppose to be 6 health upgrades in total, one got lost in the mix, it is now available in act 4 scene410.
  9. Ants killed in mid air stayed floating as they die, they now fall down to the nearest floor.
  10. Collectibles on act 3 level 2 and act 4 level 4 were not obtainable.
  11. Player getting pushed off a vertically moving platform, when landing on the edges.
  12. Hexa’s song and cutscene was not always triggered after beating the 3rd arcade before going into act 4.
  13. Drop bash on lava or missile launcher didn’t stop the bash.
  14. You could wall jump while drop bashing.
  15. Piranhas stick to a wall and get stuck in a flip direction loop.
  16. Ants in act 3 got stuck in the ground on some occasions.
  17. Returning to scene241 from scene242, if you swim close to the bottom edge you could end out outside of the scene’s layout.
  18. Drop Bash – In some cases you could end up below the platform while it is still intact.
  19. In-game Menu – Missiles, mines and underwater sound effects kept playing in the menu.
  20. Intro was not pausable, credits didn’t now show pause icon when paused.
  21. Skeletons stunted with drop bash then shot with D-Pad, on some conditions did not die.
  22. Game got stuck after using the Drop-Bash Powerup machine (introduced in previous update).
  23. Hitting the lava could sometime cause more than 1 hit point.
  24. Possible dead-end in act 4 level 1, if you picked the first key and didn’t use it, then went after the second key, you could swap the key for the magnet gloves, then if you came back here later on to get the key you couldn’t leave the scene without the magnet gloves.
  25. Black screen after beating the boss at the end of act 1.
  26. Gravity switches puzzle – Incorrect camera scrolling when dying.
  27. RT & LT song – Chinese language, break lyrics by character instead of word.
  28. Shock to death animation triggered when dying from a dark cloud could reset to idle if the player has taken a hit from a lightning right before dying.