Devblog part #9 – A new alpha version with some new cool stuff

Bad Pad – Alpha version 0.2 has been released today!

There are now 39 levels to play, the new levels incorporate most of the platforms and game mechanics mentioned in my previous posts.

Remember you can now swim in some area, swim up with the JUMP button, swim down with the DOWN arrow, obviously you can swim left and right and you can also swim faster with the RUN button held down.

You will also need to use the bash drop on one level, this is done by holding the DOWN key while jumping or falling then pressing the JUMP button.

And now for the new stuff, level 39 is a new boss level, on this level I used a completely different system of controls and level design, on all the previous levels I had built the layout in advance and the player is moving around it, like in this screenshot


Level 39 is built more like a mobile run game with an infinite layout, first lets take a look on how the layout really looks like.


So, we basically have 1 layout in the size of the whole screen and it is duplicated 3 times, the character is always in the center of the screen on the X axis and instead I am moving everything else to the left or right, this gives the feeling that the character is moving around the level.

Now lets say you move right, then what I am really doing is moving all the background to the left, so you’re walking from layout 1 into layout 3, once you reach layout 3 I take layout 2 in place it to the right of layout 3 creating an endless loop, I do the same when you walk to the other direction and this is how it looks like.

Try it yourself on level 39!

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