Space Cats

Space Cats by Mitzi Games
Links: Steam
Social Links: Twitter | Youtube
Release Date: Q1 2022


Space Cats Tactics is a tactical turn-based RPG space adventure combining inside ship crew management from games like FTL and Star Command Galaxies with grid based fighting from games like XCOM and Divinity Original Sin.

In Space Cats Tactics every encounter has a variety of outcomes and impacts your destiny, choose wisely. You can be a righteous hero or vengeful pirate, use diplomacy or escape gun blazing.

Star Singularity

Star Singularity by Star Singularity Team
Links: Steam
Release Date: Oct, 2018


Star Singularity is an open world, top down, skill based space shooter.
You begin your journey at the edge of a galaxy ravaged by war, not knowing who or what you are.
As you grow in strength, gathering resources and improving your ship fleet and base you become a major force in the galaxy, your choices will shape it! The galaxy is your sandbox.

Mine, Fight, Explore and Shape the Galaxy: Pilot your ship in deep space, collect raw materials to build your base and strengthen your fleet, trade with vendors across the galaxy in a living open world, where opposing factions compete against you constantly.

Will you help us shape the galaxy?

Warriors: Rise To Glory

Warriors: Rise To Glory by Gavra Games
Links: Steam
Release Date: 02 Feb, 2018 (Early Access)


‘Warriors: Rise To Glory’ is an exciting game coming out this summer for Steam gamers…

Journy to a world full of colorful warriors with unique skills, weapons and armors.
Build your warrior from dust and challenge yourself to rise above all others for eternal glory…
Walk through a path of glorious battles and bloody victories, led by your strategic, tactical, and creative skillset.

We plan to release Warriors: Rise to Glory! on Early Access in Q1, 2017.
Our goal is to develop the game together with our community.

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This site is dedicate to all the great indie developers and games in Israel.

Over the the course of 2016 I started sniffing around the gaming industry in Israel, I was surprised to find many talented developers and some amazing games, but unfortunately I never heard of them before, for some of them, even after I knew about, I had difficulties finding them online, not to mention to amount of other gems that are out there, ripe and waiting for the picking.

So I decided to make this site and get everyone on board! If you’re a developer or know of any dev team/games that should make this site, please let me know!

This is site was created and is maintained by Avishay Mizrav, a fellow indie developer, currently working on Bad Pad.

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