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Becloudead is a horror story driven, hack and slash cinematic platformer, set in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by a zombie virus.

You are Ben Campbell, a former head of security of a private marine research company, now a survivor.
Unravel the truth behind the origin of the virus as you venture deep into the bloody and gruesome narrative of Becloudead.

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The game world and level design in Becloudead are tailored around the story, featuring unique designs and locations to explore.

Becloudead features pixel art hand traced rotoscoped character animations, detailed layered backgrounds and foregrounds, using parallax to give the scenes more 3D depth with a 2D design.

Becloudead features full screen frame by frame hand drawn and rotoscoped cutscenes.
The Virus

The virus in Becloudead comes with some nasty side effects, one of them being nightmares… horrific, gruesome and potentially lethal nightmares.

The game-world in Becloudead is split into two:

The real world
The majority of the world will be opened for traveling and revisiting areas (some backtracking will be required, when new items/abilities are acquired).

On your path you will be fighting zombies, local deadly wildlife and more…

The nightmare world
These will be isolated levels, each with it’s own theme set around a holiday (Xmas, Easter, Halloween, etc) and with a holiday themed boss battle at the end.

The nightmare opposed to the real world are not always logical or straightforward, they are more creepy and will feature additional fantasy like enemies.

Cinematic Platformer
The core mechanic of the game. The platforming in Becloudead is more limited to human abilities as you expect from a cinematic platformer, that includes movement speed, jumping height, taking fall damage, use of inertia and more.

In Becloudead the player can perform a variety of unique actions to navigate and interact with the environment, with over 100 unique player animations.

Hack and Slash
The majority of the combat in Becloudead will be closed ranged with cold weapons such as a knife, a crowbar, a sledge hammer, a spear, more TBD.

Your go-to personal weapon is the knife, the knife is the only one handed weapon you have and it can be used in situations where two handed weapons are not practical to use.

The knife is also used underwater, with 6 different angles of attacking.

There are a few different ways to attack in Becloudead. The main attack is a 4 hits combo with specific input timing.

Each weapon has 4 unique combo moves, where the first two deal x1 damage, the third x1.5 damage and inflicts other attributes (such as cutting off arms of zombies with any sharp weapon) and the 4th hit deal x2 damage and consider a finish move, this one also has a special attribute depending on the weapons (such as taking of a zombie head with sharp weapon or bashing it with the hammer).

Each weapons comes with it’s own combo slot. You can edit your own combos, selecting a different weapon for each of the combo hits.

Additional weapon features
Each weapon features a unique charged attack (3 seconds charging) that inflicts more damage and has more range, and also an air attack.

Each weapon has a tool attribute, for example, using the crowbar to break chained locks, using the hammer to smash weak walls/floors spots, etc.

You will also need to solve some, such as: Finding your way through maze-like areas, finding items and using them where needed, interacting with scene objects, manipulating the environment to clear or create a path, finding codes to doors and more…