Devblog Part #37 – Ready, set, ACTION!

The last couple of months were all about the creative side of the game, writing the story, dialogues, making some cut-scene animations, writing more music and more.

Lets start with the story, it was important for me as a gamer and as the maker of Bad Pad that it will tell a story, I’m a big fan of adventure games and the story has a big part in them.
But on the other hand, it is still a platformer game, so I didn’t want to overload it with too much dialogues, so I kept it to a minimum and made sure there are funny parts here and there.

The story will be told in a few ways, Intro and Ending will be a cinematic cut-scene synced to a lyrical music tune, some what of a rock opera.
The rest of the story will be told to you by Triangle in 3 not so long parts throughout the game, in addition there will be a few cut-scenes where you meet other buttons that will help you along the way, if it’s by giving you a new power, a new tool, safe passage, etc, these will also include short dialogues, mostly on a comic tone and will probably not reveal any new story elements.

I’m about 70% done with the story and dialogues and I’ve written the intro song lyrics and music.

The intro is about 90% finished and is already patched into the online demo, I’m doing all the syncing, animations, camera movement and effects in code and in real-time.

Some changes made to game:

* Main menu updated, option screen is now more neatly arranged, more options added, button mapping is in a separated screen.
* Starting a new game gives you 3 save slots to choose from.
* Torch item has been decaprated, you now get a new power from an upgrade machine, “super glow in the dark plastic coating”, you get 10 seconds of glow when in dark areas, standing in the light or near a fire recharges your glow.
* Some more level design.

Try the demo and check out the intro:

Bad Pad – DEMO