Devblog Part #32 – Levels, levels, levels and some other stuff.

I’ve finished designing the 2nd floor, that’s another 4 levels with 26 scenes and 2 boss levels, there are also 2 submarine levels on this floor.
I’ve started working on the 3rd floor and almost finished the 1st level, again out of 4.
Note, the online demo is updated regularly with new graphics, features, bug fixes, etc, but it only contains the 1st level, which is about 15% of the game, hopefully when we’ll get greenlit we can push it to the early access program, early access is a cool steam feature where you can presale your game as is, at an alpha/beta stage at a lower price with free updates up to the final version, this is good for everyone, since we’re getting more users and feedback during the development and you get the game for a lower price and get to be part of the development process, that is if you’re interested.

We’re still working on the new game map, it’s looking great so far, here is the latest preview.

Here are some new videos of the latest stuff.