Mikey and Grover’s Unexpected Adventures

Mikey and Grover’s Unexpected Adventure is a point and click adventure, featuring retro hand drawn pixel art and animations.

Mikey has his heart set on a guitar he can’t have.
When learning there might be a treasure hidden in a lighthouse nearby, he makes up his mind to go after it and takes his best friend Grover for the ride.
Little do they know about the unexpected adventures that lie ahead.

Talk to town’s peoples and learn all about the tales of the lighthouse. Gather items, solve puzzles and make your way to that treasure!

The game is suitable for all ages and contains no foul language or violence.

The full story will be set in three acts, each act divided into two chapters. The demo contains chapter 1 of act 1.

Mikey and Grover’s Unexpected Adventures – Beta DEMO

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