Devblog Part #30 – HOT stuff!!!

A quick but very cool update, we got some new animations and features implemented!

We got animations for swimming, pushing crates, performing bash dive and one idle butt scratching 🙂

There’s a new fire burner obstacle and a new burned to ashes animation that goes with it.

Lastly there is a new character upgrade for diving, the animation for it is just something I put together, we haven’t worked on it yet.

Devblog Part #29 – New Website is up!

We’ll start with a little media coverage, check out an article on Bad Pad in the Israeli gaming site VGC

We got a new domain for the game, I made a neat little teaser with some coded animation check it out!

The demo was also updated, here are some of the new stuff.

I’ve done some work on the main menu, added some parallax scrolling and combined run/jump keyboard/gamepad buttons mapping into one setting.

Note, the graphics are still temporary.

We’ve worked on the in game UI, it has all the previous features plus we’re now showing a face closeup of the character, currently it’s just playing some frame by frame animations, but we’re going to break it down to face parts and create some runtime coded animations with lots of variations and randomness, should be cool.
The UI face will be synced to the different states the character is in and we’ll most likely throw in a few funny expression to break the tension, the possibilities are endless.