Devblog Part #36 – 3 floors done.

Here is the latest update for Bad Pad!

Firstly, level design for floor 3 is done, floor 4 has begun! (this is going to be a biiiiiiiiig one…)

We finished the design for Triangle character and added his animations to the arcade scenes.

Triangle will talk to you throughout the game and tell you bits of the story, this will not be FMV cut-scenes, but code based animations, done with face parts, like we did for the UI faces, this way we can “render” endless sequences, with endless variations, for the cost of a few extra lines of codes.

I’ve made a few basic functions for now, stuff like, raise hands, blink, twitch, talk, etc, and we’ll match the expressions according to the text/voice, most of it will be manually triggered but with a little randomness, so it won’t look too repetitive, but I can add some neat tricks like, if there’s a question mark in the text I can make him scratch his head and if there’s an exclamation mark I’ll make him raise his hands, also I can make him do a specific action on a certain words.

Started laying down some more music, here are a couple of demo samples.

Boss Fight Scene 1

Train levels

Playable part of intro + level 1.1

If you missed my previous post check out Swipey – Make your own level, another game I made where you can make and share your own levels for free, also since the last post Swipey was updated with more tools, new UI and few bugs fixed.