Devblog Part #34 – Moving toward the first Steam Early Access release and… SWIPEY!

I’ll start with something a little off topic, a new game/project I’ve been working on the last week,
I call it, Swipey (hence the game’s swiping mechanics).

Swipey is a pretty simple and self exploratory game (just play it), what I rather focus on is the online level builder I made for it, the idea was to create a simple level builder for everyone at all ages to create their own levels and publish or share it with the friends, the game runs inside a website I’ve made and you can publish your levels straight from the game into the website in one click.

Give it a go, make your own level!
Swipey – Make your own levels






And back to Bad Pad, here is the latest update:
We’ve worked on the game’s map and finished the 2nd floor layout, I’ve made some water particle animations, turned out nicely.

I redid and added more decorations for floor 1+2 and we also create some new sprites for the 2nd floor.
New scenes and more work on previous level design.
A few bugs and mechanics improvements.
We got some new graphics for the submarine and the submarine boss level and a few side view animations for Evil X.




Devblog Part #33 – Bad Pad got greenlit!

Great news, Bad Pad got greenlit by steam community!
We are working now on getting an Early Access beta version of the game and of course setting up the Steam developer account and all the necessary headaches around it 🙂
Hopefully we’ll start running with the beta on Steam somewhere between June and July 2016.
In the meanwhile the online demo is still being updated with new stuff, we’ve revamped some of the old graphics and Floor 3 level design is almost finished!
Stay tuned for more updates!