Bad Run – Turbo Edition

Bad Run TE is an action packed auto-runner metroidvania platformer and a part of the Bad Pad franchise.
Bad Run TE features some of Bad Pad’s game mechanics with additional new and unique features and a more casual gameplay.

Evil Pen did it again!
He zapped our beloved hero, Square, with his new and powerful evil machine, The Run-O-Matic 2000.
And though our hero is bound to a never ending run, he is determined and strong in will and he literally won’t rest until he stops Evil Pen… again.

Join Square’s epic adventure, run, jump, dive, fly and shoot your way through, but most importantly stop Evil Pen’s evil plans!

It’s up to you, are you ready?

• Campaign mode, 4 episodes with 40 Procedurally generated mission and battle levels.
• Predesigned castle levels to explore metroidvania style.
• Endless mode and challenges, master your skills and collect more coins!
• Use your coins to upgrade your character and buy new items in the store.
• Prize cards, daily rewards and lots of achievements with coin rewards.
• Support all screen sizes, no black borders.

We would love to hear your feedback, so we can improve!

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Bad Run is a part of the Bad Pad family, check out Bad Pad, Bad Fall and more on our site – Headbang Games

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Devblog Part #46 – The self Jamming level PT2.

More work done on the jamming levels!

1. We now have 8 scenes using the new beat, scenes 124,145+149,217,236,322,330,412. They all play in a different base tempo.
2. Added variations of drums fills (based on players position).
3. Added crush cymbals to drum patterns.
4. Added Surdo drum beat with random pitch to flying bee thingy.
5. Added randomly improvised midi guitar line to red following enemies and flying probes.
6. Rotating blades – rotate to the beat, plays wind sound on beat.
7. Synced swinging axes to beat.
8. Added fade to disappearing platforms.
9. Standing near the light in a dark scene will play random vibraphone notes in triplets.
10. Added new sample for skeletons.

Here are a couple more previews

Devblog Part #45 – The self Jamming level.

Since we went live with Bad Pad on Steam I’ve been posting about the development over there.

This post felt a little closer to home, so I decided to post it here instead.

I was challenged by one of our players to make a real-time musical level and I just love a good challenge especially when it comes to music.

This is still WIP, but let’s break it down shall we?

First things first, since I didn’t want to lock the player on a route and let him play freely through the level, I had to make it frame-dependent (use dt – deltaTime) and not time dependent which is usually what we use for music.
What it means is that the music and everything it affects will play slower on lower FPS, so the player can interact with it the same way as he interacts with the rest of the game and not risk any collisions skips.

I started with setting some global variables;

beatValue = 1; //The duration of one beat
beatTime = 0; //The current beat position in the loop
beatCount = 32; //The amount of beats in the loop

I made a simple counter that count this loop, in this case I made it a 32 bars loop.
( beatTime + beatValue * dt ) % beatCount

Now that I have the loop running I can start with the fun work of adding triggers for each beat and sub divisions where I needed to.

Most of the music will be triggered according to the obstacles/platforms that are currently on the screen, but I still needed to have some backbone for when nothing or very little is happening on the screen.
I decided the drums and bass will be my backbone, but they’ll have different sections that I can seamlessly switch between.

I started the music as I usually do, with the drums.
I added triggers for the kicks and snares first, then added some cymbals and a bunch of fills.
I only made one 32 beat pattern for now, but the plan is to make a few variations for different parts of the scene.

Next came the bass, which is very subtle in this case. The plan is adding more bass that will come from other objects.

Additionally I added pads to the backbone, but they will be triggered off on some occasions.
The pads are made of a recording of one stringed note played in five octaves, then it is played in a few different pitches and in a few different patterns, the selection is random.

Now that I got my backbone I can start adding samples to the scenes objects.

Disappearing Platforms – Plays a muted guitar part, alternating between two samples.
Evil Piranhas – Plays a sharp guitar bend with real-time pitch shifting, pitch is selected randomly from a bank of pitch presets.
Platforms Ferris Wheel – Plays a joyful hammond tune, played in 2 different pitches selected randomly.
Exit Door – Plays a calm piano fill in different pitches, also stops the background pad section.

Lastly I added vertical triggers that changes the beatValue, making the music and obstacles play and move faster/slower.

I will expand on this idea, add it to more scenes and add more types of obstacles with different samples.
Hopefully I can get the levels to generate some random real-time music that will be interesting enough and fit the music style of the game.
I believe it’s all about the right combination of samples and timing.

Devblog Part #44 – GameIS Conference 2017 and some updates

Tomorrow, the 6th of July 2017, we’ll be showing Bad Pad on GameIS 10th annual conference, check it out!

We made a new roll-up for our upcoming presentations.

Here a some WIP design and animations for one of the new enemies in the game.


I will be sinking my teethes into the music during July and working more on the levels in Act 4, stay tuned for more updates.

Devblog Part #43 – Breaking Pad

I think we’re due for a little recap of our progress in the last couple of months, I’ve been posting it straight to our Steam page.

Our focus was mainly on all the boss levels, some were significantly improved, some we’re completely replaced, here’s a little recap of boss levels 1-4

We added new collectables, there is one hidden in each level, 12 in total, see if you can find them all!

The map screen was updated, it now shows all of the gates locations and an arrow pointing to the last opened gate, there’s also Fog of War covering areas you have not played yet.
The in-game pause screen now shows your progress, time played, coins picked out of total available, and overall game progress in percentage.

We have updated the tutorial, fixed reported bug, did more level design, added new cut-scenes, graphics and visual effects, more dynamic camera movements, new sound effects and I’ve written some more music.

Now some new stuff I haven’t posted on Steam yet.
Here are some new game mechanics

Boss #5 *WIP* – There’s a whole new segment of 6 scenes leading to this boss, introducing the new mechanics from above and setting the mood.

Boss #6 updated *WIP*

We got an awesome review from IndieGameReviewer by Amanda Bower

Review – Bad Pad (Early Access)

They also made another awesome preview video

There are more new reviews and let’s play videos on our On The Web page

Devblog Part #42 – Steam Early Access – First month summary

For the past month I’ve been posting our development progress straight to our Bad Pad Hub on Steam, there been quite of few changes, I’ll sum up the interesting ones.

I’ve had some personal communication with some players, testers, you-tubers and reviewers, getting their feedback and suggestions was very helpful and opened my eyes to some issues, my main focus was making the current game experience better, rather than working on new stuff.

There first change I’ve made to the game, is visible right at the start, when you start a new game you’ll get a new difficulty selection screen with 3 modes,
1. Easy Mode – You start with 3 lives, there are less obstacles, more energy pickups, saving station refills energy, boss fights requires less hits.
2. Normal Mode – You start with 2 lives, normal amount of obstacles, normal amount of energy pickups, saving stations refills energy, boss fights requires more hits.
3. Hard Mode – You start with 1 life, normal amount of obstacles, normal amount of energy pickups, saving stations do no refill energy, boss fights requires even more hits.

That brings me to the other big change, the saving stations, previously the game saved your progress after you exit a scene, now, you have saving stations spread throughout the castles, this makes the game a little harder, but also a little easier, but most defiantly more rewarding, I’ll explain.
It’s harder for the obvious reason that you won’t get a saving station on every scene, so you will need to go a little further to be safe, which causes you to think a little more and not just rush through a scene getting hit knowing you’ll be safe once you get to the exit, getting through the scene feels more rewarding, energy pickups are more meaningful, where before you could just die and restart the scene with full health.
Its also easier because I’ve placed the saving station in strategic places, inter-sections, before/after hard parts, so it can actually save you time and travels, knowing you won’t have to do that hard part again, or say you wonder in the wrong direction, you can reload back to the intersection and go the other way instead of back-tracking, using the new reload last save option in the in-game menu.

Some other stuff we did
* Steam overlay and achievements added to the game.
* New scenes added, more shortcuts, more decorations.
* Map music updated.
* a few bugs were fixed.
* UI fx transitions for the dying sequences, smoke when you get fried, bubbles when you drown, white flashes when you’re hit by lasers, and blood for pretty much everything else.
* More sprites and animations.

We got some new reviews
The Gamerholics

Bad Pad demo is now also available on Steam, give it a try!

Some new game elements

And a few let’s play