Devblog Part #41 – Bad Pad – Steam Early Access

Here’s the latest to-do list update for the Steam Early Access release of Bad Pad.

– Make a new promo video, make it much cooler this time! – DONE!
– Install Steam SDK, create a build with depots for windows 32b and windows 64b and add install/uninstall scripts.
Status: SDK installed, build and depots created with scripts and content, need to create install/uninstall scripts.
– Add patch and updates support for the game. – DONE!
– Finish up RT+LT cut-scene – 95% DONE.
– Finish up analog cut-scene – DONE!
– Finish up the Steam store page – DONE!

We’ve also added some new assets to the game, some underwater vegetation, more background wall variations for the 2nd floor, portals and missile launchers for the 3rd floor and some UI for the main menu.

The walls and vegetation gave me quiet more work to do, going over all the 2nd floor scenes and water scenes and applying the new tiles and objects in as less patterned and hopefully artistic way as possible, it’s amazing how much impact these little details have over the overall feel and look of the game, they bring the scene to life and should be carefully placed, this is mostly done by trail and error, the decoration for the 1st floor for example went through numerous changes throughout the builds of the game, even small things like moving a patch of vines a few pixels in a given direction can make a difference.
So in conclusion its safe to say that in the first build we’ll release these elements won’t be fully placed in all the scenes 🙂

Check out our page on Steam, see the new trailer and play the demo if you haven’t yet, don’t forget to rate us and share your thoughts!