Devblog Part #46 – The self Jamming level PT2.

More work done on the jamming levels!

1. We now have 8 scenes using the new beat, scenes 124,145+149,217,236,322,330,412. They all play in a different base tempo.
2. Added variations of drums fills (based on players position).
3. Added crush cymbals to drum patterns.
4. Added Surdo drum beat with random pitch to flying bee thingy.
5. Added randomly improvised midi guitar line to red following enemies and flying probes.
6. Rotating blades – rotate to the beat, plays wind sound on beat.
7. Synced swinging axes to beat.
8. Added fade to disappearing platforms.
9. Standing near the light in a dark scene will play random vibraphone notes in triplets.
10. Added new sample for skeletons.

Here are a couple more previews