Devblog part #25 – Bad Pad – Demo – Level 4 released!

Heads up, Bad pad level 4 is up!

Here some of the cool new things in level 4.

End of the level boss fight scene

And a mini arcade game, which will eventually lead to the next floor.
You will need to collect at least 20 coins to play the arcade, so keep an eye out!

There are lots of new graphics in level 4 and some previous levels were updated too.
I didn’t post about it but last week I released level 3, there are some cool stuff in that level too, like a bonus carting level where you can pick up some extra coins

And some swimming areas

And the boss fight from level 2

We are very close to getting a neat beta version done, once we do, I will make some new screen shots and a new promo video, then open up a Steam Greenlight page and start spreading it around, we would really appreciate your support by voting us up, once the page is online.

Play the new Bad Pad demo!

Devblog part #24 – Bad Pad – Demo – Level 2 released!

Good news, Level 2 is now available for play, click here to play it!

This one has a little boss level at the end, the graphics for X ship and cannons are not done yet, so it might look a little off from the rest of the game.

If you previously played and finished the first level and did not click on start a new game, you can click on continue and go through the new door that will take you straight to level 2.

There were some minor updates in level 1, plus there are some new graphics, next level will be released on the 21.1.2016, stay tuned!

Here is another treat for you, I’ve just received this new promo image from the guys at the studio, it will probably go through some more changes, but I really love how it turned out, kudos to Oray Studios!

bad pad promo 2

Devblog part #23 – New episodic demo released

Play Bad Pad – Demo – Floor 1 – Levels 1 – 4
Open game in a new window/tab

This is the first out of 4 parts demo I will be releasing during the next month, each one with another playable level of the game and some more new graphics, next release 14.1.2016, stay tuned.

Note, not all graphics are final!
Also music and sound effects are temporarily.

Let me know what you think, you can comment on this page or email me privately using the contact form, if you require an answer please write down your email address.

So what am I interested in knowing?
What are your general thoughts of the game?
How do you like the gameplay and controls?
How did you like the graphics and visuals?
How long did it took you to get the hang of things and flow with the gameplay?
Did you find any bugs?

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