Devblog part #23 – New episodic demo released

Play Bad Pad – Demo – Floor 1 – Levels 1 – 4
Open game in a new window/tab

This is the first out of 4 parts demo I will be releasing during the next month, each one with another playable level of the game and some more new graphics, next release 14.1.2016, stay tuned.

Note, not all graphics are final!
Also music and sound effects are temporarily.

Let me know what you think, you can comment on this page or email me privately using the contact form, if you require an answer please write down your email address.

So what am I interested in knowing?
What are your general thoughts of the game?
How do you like the gameplay and controls?
How did you like the graphics and visuals?
How long did it took you to get the hang of things and flow with the gameplay?
Did you find any bugs?

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