Devblog part #24 – Bad Pad – Demo – Level 2 released!

Good news, Level 2 is now available for play, click here to play it!

This one has a little boss level at the end, the graphics for X ship and cannons are not done yet, so it might look a little off from the rest of the game.

If you previously played and finished the first level and did not click on start a new game, you can click on continue and go through the new door that will take you straight to level 2.

There were some minor updates in level 1, plus there are some new graphics, next level will be released on the 21.1.2016, stay tuned!

Here is another treat for you, I’ve just received this new promo image from the guys at the studio, it will probably go through some more changes, but I really love how it turned out, kudos to Oray Studios!

bad pad promo 2

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