Devblog Part #34 – Moving toward the first Steam Early Access release and… SWIPEY!

I’ll start with something a little off topic, a new game/project I’ve been working on the last week,
I call it, Swipey (hence the game’s swiping mechanics).

Swipey is a pretty simple and self exploratory game (just play it), what I rather focus on is the online level builder I made for it, the idea was to create a simple level builder for everyone at all ages to create their own levels and publish or share it with the friends, the game runs inside a website I’ve made and you can publish your levels straight from the game into the website in one click.

Give it a go, make your own level!
Swipey – Make your own levels






And back to Bad Pad, here is the latest update:
We’ve worked on the game’s map and finished the 2nd floor layout, I’ve made some water particle animations, turned out nicely.

I redid and added more decorations for floor 1+2 and we also create some new sprites for the 2nd floor.
New scenes and more work on previous level design.
A few bugs and mechanics improvements.
We got some new graphics for the submarine and the submarine boss level and a few side view animations for Evil X.