Devblog part #18 – Status update and some new stuff

It’s been a little while since I last posted, here is what I’ve been working on.

First a little heads up, in the next few days I will release an update to date alpha version to the site, so stay tuned!

There were a few changes to the game, first I changed the jumping mechanics a little, so now jumping is even and never missed on slops/angled platforms, also this has majorly affected the wall climbing mechanic, in a good way in my opinion, but it did require some minor level design adjustments.

The second thing was more time consuming and not 100% done yet, I changed the background wall tile and the main foreground 9-patch floor tile into 2 tile-map layers that are using the same 512×512 image with a 32×32 tileset, building the levels with a tilemap is more time consuming than just placing objects, but it’s more efficient in rendering, it makes it much easier loading different maps for different world/styles and it will also make it easier for me to make an in game level builder/editor in the future.
Currently I have updated the first 30 levels using tilemaps, when I’m done I will upload the new version, the new version will also have 3 new levels, updated game menu, some more concepts for the intro section and a few more features.

The third thing I added is a new teleporting platform, it teleports when you land on it, this could also be a nice way to incorporate some logic puzzles into the game.

The last thing is 2 different angle slops for the main walking area, player gets slop’s angle when overlapping.

Devblog part #17 – Obstacles types step is done

I added another 2 type of obstacles to the game and that concludes step 3 of the development.

The first one is a flying following ghost type enemy.

The second one is a variation of the xPad Launcher I wrote about in my previous post, this one shots the x buttons in straight angles, also I added more gravity to the missiles.