Devblog Part #28 – New Character Design and music.

Here are some of things we’ve been working on the past week.

We have a new main character design, check him out!


In the game I added a little randomness to the blinking part of the idle animation so it’ll feel less looped.

Also I’ve implemented an idle state, where you’re being followed by a fly, which will be slapped automatically once it hits you, you can see it in the video below (slap animation is temporary).

I’ve also written and recorded a sketch tune for the map layout, listen to it in the video below.

You will also notice that I added more info to the map layout, these are not fully designed yet, the plan is to show the total game playing time and the best time for each level, show how many levers there are in each levels and how many you’ve already switched on, I might also show the total amount and remaining amount of coins for each level.

Besides that I’ve worked some more on the levels design and decor and fixed some game logic and gamepad controls issues.

Try Bad Pad playable alpha!

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