Devblog part #2 – Interaction with the scene – Platforms

Here are some of the platforms type i have incorporated for now, but i will probably add some more later.

1. Normal solid platform – a standard platform, with no access from below.
2. Jump/Fall through platform – similar to the standard, only you can access it from below, or drop down through it.
3. Pipes – Another variation of the standard platform.
4. Dissolving – Once touched the platform will dissolve and will not reappear again.
5. Disappearing / Reappearing – Fades in and out, player can stand on platform when it’s over 80% opacity.
6. Falling – Platform will shake and fall once you step on it.
7. Bouncer – Jumping on this one will shoot you up higher than a normal jump, holding down the jump button will do an even higher bounce.
8. Sine Moving – left/right, up/down, diagonal.
9. Sine Rotating – 360° rotating platform, player will stick to this platform and will receive it’s angle.
10. Slippery – player will move and accelerate faster and decelerate slower on this platform.

Next devlog will be about Interaction with the scene – Obstacles, stay tuned.

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