My most anticipated platformer game for 2015

Let me start with saying that “Ori and the Blind Forest” is by far the platformer game I have most enjoyed in 2015 and even a little further back, but I will write more about it some other time, for now I want to focus on a new platformer game that should release later on this year and it looks like it can be a real competitor for Ori in my book, the game’s title is “Unravel”.

In Unravel you play Yarny, Yarny is a thread of yarn that extends as you move, use your yarn, well hmm, yourself, to advance in the levels and solve puzzles.

From the trailer below you can see that this game has an amazing atmosphere and beautiful graphics and animations, looks like a real treat.

There is no official release date yet, but it is set for late 2015, more info on the official Unravel website

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