Devblog part #10 – Gameplay variations and a new level type

Most games usually revolves around the same type of gameplay throughout the game, I believe a game can tend to get a little boring with the same gameplay after playing it for a while.

Although most of the levels in my game will be based on the main controls/mechanics/gameplay scheme, I plan on incorporating a few other types of gameplays throughout the game.

It can be a very small change, like for example a level that keeps pushing forward forcing you to move fast or something more complex like an infinite scrolling jetpack level mentioned in my previous post.

In the newest addition to the game the player is placed on a moving cart that keeps pushing right, the gameplay here is simplified but not necessarily easier, you cannot stop the cart or move faster, you can either jump or hold UP when approaching an intersection to choose the higher path (done on the first intersection in the video), you can alternatively jump and land on that road, if you don’t hold UP you will continue on the lower path.

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